WinPak Films

Production Warehouse Expansion

WinPak Films is one of the largest manufacturers of blown films in the world, manufacturing multi-layer blown films in a co-extrusion process. Patrylo, Inc. has been working for WinPak Films at its Senoia, Georgia facility on numerous projects over the past 15 years. Highlighted projects include:

Barrier Shrink Bag Expansion
Production Warehouse Expansion
Extrusion Equipment Tower Installations

Patrylo, Inc. has completed all of these projects during normal operations with no unscheduled shutdowns or lost production time. In addition to building modifications and new building work, Patrylo, Inc. completed related design and installation of structural and miscellaneous steel, process piping, heavy equipment foundations, rigging, and millwrighting with its own in-house personnel.

Project Size: Ongoing | completed 130 projects in excess of $15M

  • Client: Winpak Films
  • Manufacturing / Industrial
  • Patrylo, Inc.