Alcan Packaging

Food and Tobacco Packaging

Patrylo, Inc. was selected for the design and construction of this Class I, Division I, high hazard expansion in accordance with rigid insurance requirements and NFPA guidelines.

Highly flammable chemicals are heated up, requiring stringent explosion proof regulations, including the design of the structure to withstand a 120psf blast load. The structure was designed to accommodate the strict space requirements that prohibit obstructions in front of the pressure relief panels for the process equipment, process ductwork, and process piping. The interior masonry partition is blast-proof to protect adjacent spaces while being non-load bearing. This design includes an underground piping containment system installed to collect any chemical spills under a chemical and static-resistant sloping floor. Floor scuppers allow fire suppression foam to exit the building once the containment tank exceeds capacity. Also, explosion prevention measures are utilized, such as explosion-proof fixtures and controls, 100% fresh air supply, and a complex humidification process to reduce static resistance. Patrylo, Inc. installed the process equipment purchased by the client to provide a turn-key project.

  • Alcan Packaging
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