Dalney Building-Georgia Institute of Technology

Double Lock Standing Seam

The Strata finish on these Aluminum Double Lock Standing Seam panels fabricated by MetalTech Global, enhance the horizontal look of this building that helps to be inserted in the Georgia Tech historic preservation campus context.

Strata finish consists of breaks in the flat surface of the metal or shallow striations running longitudinally. Strata adds a layer of visual dimension to a seemingly flat panel. Dependent upon the direction of light, mixing panel orientation and ultimately striation direction can give your façade dynamic, aesthetic appeal.

The addition of this surface texture also provides rigidity for the panel allowing for thinner gauges to be used in conjunction with longer panel sizes, thus resulting in cost savings for the customer. Extra rigidity also eliminates the potential for oil canning, an aesthetic issue in thin gauge sheet metal applications.

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Builder: New South Construction
  • Installation: Peachtree Protective Corners
  • Atlanta
  • Project Type: Facade Double Lock Standing Seam-Strata Finish
  • Material: Painted Aluminum
  • MetalTech Global