ExxonMobil Chemical

Design and Engineering

Forza Design has completed numerous engineering assignments for ExxonMobil Chemical, in both the LaGrange, Georgia and Shawnee, Oklahoma manufacturing facilities. Work to date includes process equipment audits, design of automated machine components, engineering studies, and building envelope design detailing. On all projects, Forza Design has interfaced seamlessly with ExxonMobil’s plant teams and has delivered quality exceeding ExxonMobil’s expectations every time.

Patrylo, Inc. produced preliminary and final design modifications for the Resin Blenders aimed at lines 701 and 705 located in the LaGrange plant. The current production of CSR-2 and SLP on lines 701 and 705 utilizes a fully compounded C layer skin resin. The purpose of the project was to reduce costs by purchasing a masterbatch of compounds and blending it with barefoot polypropylene in the LaGrange plant.

As a result of a preliminary evaluation of several options, the ExxonMobil team selected a design approach. The final design configured each extruder, 701 C and D and 705 C and D with its own four-element gravimetric feeder system mounted offset beside the extruders.

There are a total of four feeder systems: two are new and two existing. Each feeder system has a blender hopper with ribbon blender. The feeder system includes a pneumatic feed to the extruders. Each feeder system serves only one extruder.

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