Design Build

Forza Design was hired by Lubrizol, Inc., a manufacturer of plastic compounds to design and build a CPVC compounding line. The plastic compounding included: raw material receiving from truck, rail cars, and in super sacks; a pneumatic conveying system for unloading trucks and rail cars to storage silos and from the silos to the compounding line; super sack unloaders with receiving hoppers on load cells for inventory control; dust collection systems; volumetric feeders, weight hoppers with aeration and gravimetric feeders for batching of materials; material drops to the 500HP mixer then to a cooler; screening and metal contaminate detection in the finished product; dense phase conveying to the truck or rail car loading stations, and a truck scale for truck receiving and shipping.

The finished product is also dense phase conveyed to the box loadout system for filling Gaylord boxes. The box loadout system has a pallet dispenser, powered roller conveyors to convey pallets to the box filler; a box placement station; a box filler and weigh station; a box closing station; powered roller conveyors to convey the filled boxes to the warehouse, and a forklift pickup station in the warehouse.

Patrylo, Inc. specified and purchased all process and utility equipment. Patrylo, Inc. designed and commissioned for this project a PLC Control System, which controls the entire process. Patrylo, Inc. self-performed fabrication and erection of three new steel tower floors in an existing building; process equipment rigging and setting; process and utility piping; pneumatic and dense phase conveying piping; and concrete foundation systems.

  • Lubrizol
  • Manufacturing / Industrial
  • Patrylo, Inc.