Design and Construction

FiberVisions, a producer of polyolefin fibers utilized for nonwoven textile and industrial products, has awarded Forza Group with a contract to install a new production line at their Covington, Georgia facility.

Patrylo, Inc. will serve as the General Contractor, Mechanical installer, Structural fabricator and erector along with Forza Electric performing the electrical work. We will have approximately 100 people working at the job site performing the tasks below:

  • Installing two new 5000-amp services
  • Installing approximately 1-million pounds of structural steel
  • Installing piping from the rail unloading to the top of the 5-story polymer handling building
  • Installing a suspended walkway between towers
  • Equipment rigging & millwrighting

  • Indorama FiberVisions
  • Covington, Georgia
  • Design and Construction
  • Patrylo, Inc.